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The most accurate and powerful Pricing Tool for Home Cleaning Professionals

Individual Cleaners or Maid Companies.  Easy to use for an individual and powerful enough for the largest maid companies in the world. Powerful and simple.

Use on Phone or Computer. Starts as low as $20/mo & no set-up costs. 


​Time Predictions are based on 13 years of data, and over 70,000 cleanings.  This is the most accurate pricing tool in the world, with powerful benefits beyond pricing. This is more than a pricing tool.

Customers love it.  Customers (Home Owners) can custom-build their cleaning online in 5 minutes and automatically get 10 different options for faster buying decisions and increased sales.  It's Easy and Fun to use.

Endorsed and owned by Maid Training Academy, the world's largest online maid training school, with students and corporate members in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. (We can help with training)

Developed by the Largest Maid Service in Georgia.  This maid service pricing system was a big factor in It's Maid Day becoming the largest in Georgia, with multiple locations. We cleaned over 7,000 homes in the Atlanta area last year. This year it will be over 8,000.

You have control.  Set your hourly rate, prices for add-on services, discounts for removing rooms, and many other factors.  Upgrade to Enterprise Edition and control all conditional factors.  

Integration.  The pricing tool can be added to any website or as a stand-alone solution for individual cleaners.  Contact us for API options.

Patent Pending Technology
Keep your current Operating System even if it has a built-in pricing tool.
This is not an operating system, it is an enhancement to your current system.

Customizes to any list of Cleaning Tasks and Speed

The pricing tool is initially calibrated to a predefined list of cleaning tasks and professional speed but can be modified to fit any list of cleaning tasks.  Click HERE for that list of cleaning tasks.

We have used this list of cleaning tasks since 2010.  Customers choose this list over others because it includes everything you can reach, from top to bottom.  Our list also includes a lower-priced option called a CORE plan.

We have tracked and timed cleaners in 70,000 houses since 2010 using this same list of cleaning tasks.   

Our time predictions include unloading and loading the car and includes a few extra minutes so cleaners are not pressed for time if they happen to need more time for whatever reason.  If your pace is at a professional level, most cleaners get out 10 minutes early on a recurring customer they have cleaned several times, but the time is just right for when a new team has to clean that home.  That is so important. 


The pace of a professional house cleaner is an 8 on a scale of 1-10.  You can watch videos of cleaners cleaning at a professional pace on the Maid Training Academy video library page. Click here to go there now, in a new window.

If your list of cleaning tasks is less or more than our list, no worries.  If your cleaning pace is faster or slower, no problem.  You can easily adjust the time settings using a simple slide bar controller (Speed & Tasks Adjuster).  

The Best Way to Test our Time Estimates is to run a few examples yourself. 
Click HERE for our Sample Pricing Tool 

Square Footage vs Price per Room

The only way to accurately price a cleaning job is to use Square Footage.   Rooms can vary by size, but square footage is absolute.  Home Square Footage is recorded with every county tax office, so there is no guessing.

Your membership includes training classes on how to access online county records available to the public.  There are several reporting agencies, and our training classes can quickly train you to determine the square footage of a house or any floor within that house within 45 seconds.  It's not hard if you know how.  We will train you and your staff through our online tutorials.  And with access to county records, you can access other helpful data, including pictures.

No Setup Costs but We are here to help

Setting up the system takes 30 minutes.  There are no setup costs like other systems. We have a video that will walk you through the setup. Click here to watch the video

We are also here to help you with live experts.  We have weekly Zoom calls every Thursday to answer any questions and we can set up additional video calls to help get started or anything you need for no cost.  We are here to help.

Get out of your comfort zone for success

If you want to be successful in anything, you have to get out of your comfort zone.  Using a pricing tool is going to be different for most maid companies.  You probably have some method of pricing that has been working for you, so why would you want to do anything differently? 


This is the most common reason why people don't reach their goals in life or in business.  You have to embrace change.  It's going to be different at first but rest assured you will be so much better with Price Your Cleaning than without it.  This tool has been used since 2010, and tested on over 70,000 cleanings by the largest maid companies in the country.

People who avoid change will get left behind slowly but surely.  If you're not using Price Your Cleaning, your competition will be eventually.  Don't be left behind.  Be a leader in your industry by staying on the cutting edge of technology.

"We have to be honest about what we want and take risks rather than lie to ourselves and make excuses to stay in our comfort zone.”  ― Roy T. Bennett, 

Individual Cleaners & Maid Companies

Easy for individuals and powerful enough for the largest maid companies in the world.

Powerful and Easy 

You can be up and running in 20 minutes.  Both editions start with standard settings used by some of the largest maid companies.  Just add some information about your cleaning business, including your hourly rate and the zip codes you service. Not sure what zip codes you service?  We can help you there too.  Watch the video "Getting Ready"

All The Pieces of the Puzzle

We can provide everything you need to succeed or just the missing pieces to complete your unique puzzle.  

How to Clean

Maid Training Academy, the world's largest online training school for Professional House Cleaners is the owner of 

Hundreds of Maid Companies and thousands of individual cleaners all over the world use our training programs.

What to Clean

A list of Cleaning Tasks for Spring/Deep Cleaning, Movie-In/Out, Recurring and a Lower Priced Option is included with your Pricing Tool Subscription Click HERE

- OR -

Use your own cleaning plan list of services

Price to Clean

Use the Price Your Cleaning technology to accurately predict time and price, using your hourly rate and our time tested settings.  Easy to use and prices 10 cleaning plans in less than 5 minutes. 

- OR -

Use the Enterprise Edition to control everything.

The Importance of Accurate Job Durations

Importance of accurate duration

There are a few pricing tools on the market, but in our opinion, they are dangerously inaccurate.  If you are using one now, then you probably know what we mean.  We hear it all the time from cleaners and maid companies.

Our pricing tool uses thousands of factors to get the most accurate time, down to the minute.  Yea, it's that accurate.

Dangers of Going Longer than expected:

  • Your cleaners will get upset because they may not get paid for going over on time.

    • Cleaners will quit over too many events like this

  • Cleaners may do a poor job because they don't have enough time resulting in an unhappy customer

    • Cleaners will quit because they are getting a complaint when they weren't given enough time 

    • Unhappy customers post bad reviews and bad reviews can shut down your business

    • Unhappy customers will not book recurring service based on a bad first job

  • Cleaners will be late for the next job...and the rest of the jobs that day.​​

    • The next customer may not be able to wait and you will lose the job and upset the customer

    • Cleaners will quit if they work past 5:00 and running late often means getting home late

    • Cleaners will rush the next house(s) trying to catch up resulting in more complaints from customers

  • You didn't bill for the longer duration so your company loses money because you undercharged the job

    • You can still be competitive if you price the job correctly because you can tell the customer you will need more time in the home based on the condition of the home.  "It's not a problem, it's just going to take more time."

Dangers of Getting Out Earlier than expected:

  • If you don't know how long a house will take then you don't know if teams are getting out early because they are skipping tasks.

    • This is a common problem with cleaning companies.  If you don't know how long the job should be you won't know if they are cutting corners.  And cleaners cutting corners is a common problem, to a certain degree, with every maid company.​

  • If you don't time the job correctly and teams get everything done earlier than expected, 

    • Cleaners may not be able to get into the next job early resulting in cleaners sitting in the car.

      • Cleaners hate sitting in the car waiting on a customer to let them in​
    • Customers don't like changes in their schedule, even requests to come early
  • You could have scheduled more jobs on the schedule if you knew the job(s) would take less time

    • The company loses money on lost opportunity​

    • Cleaners lose money because they didn't max out their schedule

  • You don't know if your cleaners are cutting corners or if the home should have ended earlier 

    • Your cleaners will quit if you accuse them of cutting corners when they actually did a great job

    • If the cleaners rushed and did a poor job you really don't know unless you inspect the home

The pricing tool solves these problems by getting the time right, so you can price the job right.    

The Extra Power of our Pricing Tool

This is more than a pricing tool.  Much more.

You will close more deals and it will help you manage troublesome customers.  Talking about time or duration of the job is powerful in getting new customers and justifying your prices.  Customers can understand "time" better than a "cleaning package name" or even a list of services.  Telling a customer how long your cleaners will be in the home is a huge advantage in getting new customers.  You will close more deals and your business will grow.


It's also a huge advantage when you have to deal with recurring customers that delay teams in getting done on time.  If the customer is causing the team to go over, you can refer back to the pricing tool estimate that was emailed to them and leverage either more money for the extra time or give them the chance to stop interfering so you can get done on time and avoid a price increase.  It's a powerful tool for managing customers.

You can still get out of houses early because the pricing tool says these times are "approximate times" and that they include loading and unloading the car.  We tell customers that large jobs are plus or minus 30 minutes and recurring service is plus or minus 15 minutes.

Our estimate provides prices for multiple plans and all frequencies ALL AT ONCE.  Customers love options.  Our pricing tool generates 10 pricing plans simultaneously so customers are more likely to buy.  You will close more deals.

Our estimate includes a lower-priced option.  Expand your service offerings with a lower price CORE Cleaning or any optional plan you want to offer.  You can custom-build any optional plan you want.  About 25% of all customers will choose a lower-priced plan.  Close more deals by offering a lower-priced plan.  We have been offering a CORE Cleaning since 2010, so we have the time dialed in very well as it relates to our most popular and primary plan.  The CORE Cleaning is easy to explain to customers, and for many customers, it is the plan they want. Click here for details about CORE cleaning that is shared with customers and cleaners.

We provide a sample checklist of everything included in the cleaning.  The default timetable settings are based on our standard checklist of cleaning tasks we've been using since 2010.  Click here for a sample checklist.  This checklist can be customized with your company name and contact information.  Use the checklist as a leave-behind after every job. 

You can use your own checklist and set your own time calculations.  Choose our Enterprise edition and have complete control over all time calculations while still taking into account all the same conditions and questions to match your specific list of services. 

Time predictions are based on specific cleaning tasks and how you clean a home according to Maid Training Academy. 

Maid Training Academy provides certification classes for Professional Cleaners which include timetables for all tasks and rooms with minimums, maximums, and target timetables.  Maid Training Academy has Corporate Membership packages that include up to 50 students/cleaners a year for an incredibly low price of $300 a year.  Individual certification classes are only $100, which is still an incredible deal.  Click here to visit Maid Training Academy.

The estimate generated by the Pricing Tool is emailed to the customer and to your company-designated users.  This is a fantastic way to set expectations and protect yourself if the estimate and the condition of the home when you arrive do not match.  Use the estimate during your pre-clean inspection to make sure everything matches.


Square Footage confirmed by County Tax Accessors.  Your membership includes access to classes on how to access this data quickly and accurately.  There are several different layouts depending on the county but they all have the information.  We provide video training classes on how to find the square footage for the house and for each floor in the home.  You will need to learn how to read your county's website before you can start using this pricing tool.  We will teach you.


We are committed to improving our technology.  We will continue to add new functions and features.  And now that we are offering it to other maid service providers, we look forward to hearing what you want.

Keep Your Current Operating System

This pricing tool is not an operating system.  It is an enhancement to your current system. 

Even if you have a built-in pricing tool, you can still use our system to price jobs.


Allowing customers to book completely on their own can be dangerous.  It is always advised to speak with a customer before scheduling service, and all data shows that customers want to talk to someone when scheduling service. 


So there is no need to change systems, you can have Price Your Cleaning price your job online or over the phone, but now you can schedule your appointments in your current operating system with greater accuracy and profit.

Some maid companies who have online pricing tools purchased their pricing tool as a package with their website and they don't have direct access to their own website editing.  That's bad.  As a maid company, you need to control your website for many reasons. The best-run maid companies have multiple pages with important information for customers.  Our maid company website has over 30 pages not only for customers but for office resources.

It is so much easier these days to build and manage your own website.  There are many options for website editing systems but we believe is the best by far.  That is what we have used for over 7 years, for multiple websites.  You don't have to be tech-savvy to use it.  It's very easy with and they have lots of free support and training videos.  If you don't control your own website you need to seriously consider that.  And with it costs about $35 a month.  And that includes loads of free add-ons and low-priced 3rd party tools.

Pricing/Booking over the Phone or In Person

Pricing over the phone is the most efficient and customer-friendly way to price and close jobs.  Customers don't want to take time off from work to get an estimate.  And they will buy a service once they get a price and a service plan they like.  It's better than online booking.  If you have to schedule and coordinate an in-home inspection, you may lose the deal to another maid service that can book over the phone.  

You can also set the system to pop up a window indicating that an in-home inspection is required before you can finalize prices based on their answers to the home's condition.  The system is pre-set to a standard setting, but you can adjust it or turn it off in both the Business and Enterprise editions.  Try it on the sample pricing tool.

There is some risk of showing up and the home not being in the exact condition the customer claimed on the estimate.  It will happen, but not enough to discount the time it saves compared to doing in-home inspections on all your estimates.  All you do is update your estimate as soon as you finish the pre-clean inspection and tell the customer, "The home doesn't match the estimate (also emailed to the customer), but that's ok.  We have updated your estimate, and here is the new price".  It works 80% of the time the home doesn't match.  And yes, sometimes you have to walk from the job because it's not even close to the same condition, and the customer doesn't want to pay more or remove rooms to get the cost down.  If you look at the big picture and overall expense, pricing over the phone is clearly the best solution.

Any yet, you can use our system to conduct any home inspection.  You can walk through the home, enter the confirmed condition into the mobile-friendly pricing tool, and get your prices and times while you're with the customer. This tool works in every setting.  

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Prices & Features

No Set-Up fee, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

Corporate Partners

Contact us regarding the Corporate Partners program.  There are certain requirements to become a Corporate Partner that must be confirmed prior to enrollment.  Pricing starts at $2,000 a month.  Contact us for more details.  Click Here

International Customers

We just launched our international version of Price Your Cleaning.  You can see the pricing tool now has "Zip/Postal Code" and "County/Province"  Most international countries have home square footage available to the public so as long as you can access those records our pricing tool will work for you.


Pricing Discounts start at 200 Zip Codes
Franchise Discounts available
Click Here to contact us


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