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We are here to help.  We have three tiers of support. 


  • General

    • Non-member. Use this page to submit any questions.  We will reply within 1 business day (24 hours)

  • Subscriber

    • Included in Subscription

    • Access to Help Desk with additional training videos (Password provided automatically when you Sign Up)

    • Phone support during normal business hours.​

    • Text or Email

    • Video Screen Sharing if needed

  • Billable 

    • Consulting​


8:30 - 4:30 (Eastern Time Zone, USA)

Tel: (800) 554-1195

Most Questions can be answered by watching all of the videos on the Demo page and on Help Desk (active users).

Common Questions

Q:  What happens after I sign up?

A:  When you Sign Up for Price Your Cleaning, an email is sent to you with instructions.  Follow those instructions.  You will be provided additional links and passwords to access the Help Desk.  Check your spam folders.  Sign into the system by clicking Login at the top of this page (any page)

Q:  How stable is the system?

A:  We made system stability the cornerstone of Price Your Cleaning.  We have backup servers and the highest security.  

Q:  What is the most common problem?

A:  Honestly, we don't get too many questions or problems with the system. 

We will expand this section over time with common questions and answers

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International Customers

We are rolling out an international version of the pricing tool. There would be slight changes in the layout of the pricing tool like Provinces vs. Counties, and the ability to access square footage data.  If you are an international service provider please contact us so we can collaborate on a pricing tool for everyone worldwide.  Click Here to contact us.

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