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About Us

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Bruce W. Bishop

Founder & G.M. of "It's Maid Day", the largest maid service in Georgia
Founder & Chancellor of "Maid Training Academy", the largest online maid training school in the world
Chief Architect of "Price Your Cleaning"

Bruce is the Chief Architect for Price Your Cleaning.

Bruce has started and built several large companies.  Before entering the home cleaning business in 2010, he was the Founder and Managing Partner of KYBA Benefits 1989 - 2005, one of the largest insurance agencies in the United States.  His agency managed over 700 corporate accounts, providing services to over 80,000 people with annual premium sales of 70+ million dollars. 

After successfully selling his agency, he entered the home cleaning business in 2010 with the goal of changing the home cleaning industry by providing unique solutions to maid service providers worldwide.  

Bruce started his maid service, "It's Maid Day", in 2010 with the goal of being the largest in Georgia.  It took 8 years to accomplish that goal.  Bruce knew he had to own and run a successful maid company to have the insight to create new tools for the industry.  His maid service now has multiple locations across the entire spectrum of demographics.  Last year they cleaned over 7,000 homes in the Atlanta metro area; this year, it should top 8,000.  

In 2011 Bruce founded Maid Training Academy.  There were no online classes to help train professional house cleaners.  Maid Training Academy quickly became the largest online school, with hundreds of maid companies and thousands of individual students in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

In 2010, Bruce built his first online pricing tool. This pricing tool evolved over the years to become the most powerful pricing tool in the world.  It was a critical component in It's Maid Day growing to the largest maid service in Georgia. 

After several years of testing and data from over 70,000 cleaning jobs, Bruce is now ready to let other maid companies use the same tool he uses today.

Maid Training Acadamy, the owner of Price Your Cleaning, officially launched Price Your Cleaning to the world in May 2023.  We believe this will revolutionize the industry.  With our patent-pending technology, we will help cleaners and cleaning companies improve sales, profits, and customer service and improve cleaner retention and recruitment.  This is more than just a pricing tool...much more. 

As with everything we do, we are not resting on what we have done.  We are working hard every day to create new solutions and improvements with Price Your Cleaning, Maid Training Academy, and other solutions we plan to roll out over the years to service providers in the Home Cleaning Industry.

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