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Website Development

Need a website?  We can help with that too.


Unlike other developers who own or limit your ability to manage your own site, we will build your site and then teach you how to manage it yourself, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  This service requires membership in

We build your site on the largest, easiest, and most dynamic website management solution.  Your website will include desktop and mobile layouts. You have to set up your own account with and include us as a collaborator. 

Plan A:  $750

We will build your site with 7 pages.  Choose any colors and multiple themes

  • Home Page with a link to your Pricing Tool and embedded

  • About Us

  • Contact Us

  • Coupons and Deals

  • Reserve your time page (allows customers to pick a day they want service)

  • Recruitment & Employment

  • Any custom page you want.  (examples:  Why Choose Us, Our Credentials, Our Service Area, etc)

Bonus Services: 


  • We will teach you how to add pages to your site.  It's simple once you know how.  You can add as many pages to your website as you want. You will have the knowledge and power to build anything you want.  

  • We will set up your SEO for your site, Google Analytics, Visitor Traffic, and much more.

  • Includes 2 hours of one-on-one training on using Wix plus 2 hours of support whenever you need it. Additional support at $50 an hour but you probably won't need any help once you get started. is an easy-to-use system and very powerful once you learn it.  We can help you get there.  And they have lots of free training as well.  Like all new software getting started is the hard part and we are here to help with that.  Once you learn the system you will wonder why you ever needed to pay anyone an ongoing fee for managing your site as well as slow turn times for changes.  Once you learn the system you can change or modify your site immediately.  That's priceless.

Plan B:  $1,500

Everything in Plan A plus the following

  • Set-Up Service and Confirmation form (hidden page/password access).  Form completed with the customer when booking/scheduling service.  Includes over 50 questions about the details of their home.  It also serves as a confirmation form with dates and times for initial and recurring service.  The completed form is emailed to you and the customer when you submit the form.  This form requires a $35 monthly subscription fee with form-builder app on   This subscription allows you to build unlimited forms

  • Quality Scorecard.  This form can be used to gather feedback from customers after every cleaning

  • Online review page with quick links to your review pages for up to 7 review sites

  • Office Resource page (hidden page/password access)  Put all your office resources online including county website links for looking up square footage, Scripts for talking with Customers, and more.

  • Online Employment Application.  Allows the applicant to attach a resume and includes disclaimers and other messages.  The application is emailed to you or anyone you want.  The system stores all applications so you can quickly search for previous applicants or download all applications into an excel file for mass marketing.

  • Translate your site into Spanish.  Toggle switch at the top of your website so visitors can convert all information on your site into Spanish including Recruitment and Employment page.

  • Before and After pictures (you have to supply pictures)

  • Service Agreement Page link from Menu

  • Quality Checklist link from Menu

  • 1 additional custom page (2 in total)

Bonus Services: 


  • Training on your Form-Builder account (You have to sign up for this service through

  • Includes 2 additional hours (4 in total) of one-on-one training on using Wix and Set-Up Service form customization, plus 2 hours of additional support whenever you need it. Additional support at $50 an hour.  

If you are interested in our website development service, go to the Contact Us page and submit your request.  We can provide a free 1-hour demo of everything you get with each package.

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