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Sample Pricing Tool

  • You can change settings to fit any list of cleaning tasks.  Click Here for complete list of settings & functions

  • There are no set up costs and we have video tutorials to walk you through the setup and weekly Zoom calls too

  • Sample Pricing Tool is using default settings and standard list of cleaning tasks. Click Here for the cleaning tasks.

  • Run an estimate with the home in good condition, check the times generated, then change the conditions of the home to really nasty and see the new cleaning times. Watch the video "Time & Price Settings" which goes over the settings.

  • Settings for Sample; $55 hourly rate per cleaner, 2 Cleaners on a Team, $120 minimum price.

  • Looks great on desktop or mobile devices. 

Use Zip Code 12345 when running a sample

 Send an estimate to yourself by using your email as the customer

Pricing Tool can be embedded on any web page (scroll down) 

or as a link for a stand-alone web page.

Click the red button below for the stand-alone site.

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